Hillary Clinton’s 1,500 Word News Dump

Hillary Clinton

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I'm not even mad. I'm impressed. It takes some guts to publish a 1,500-word Facebook post 20 minutes before the State of the Union explaining why you, Hillary Clinton, feminist hero, didn't fire a dude for sexually harassing one of your young female staffers despite the fact that everyone in your campaign told you to get rid of him ASAP. It's kind of like, I dunno, trading for a new franchise quarterback in the middle of the Cavalcade of Horrors section of Donald Trump's speech.

I mean, I understand why she felt the need to do go on the record with something. She doesn't exactly have a great history on these matters, given the way she has viciously attacked Bill Clinton's various accusers over the years and sabotaged her campaign by refusing to fire an aide whose husband was caught sexting with minors. Once-loyal supporters are turning their backs on her. It's a bad look to stay silent in this #MeToo moment.

And the statement itself is fine, I guess, in the sense that she had to say something, this is something, and it lets her and us move on. But there's still this whingy, petulant tone to the whole thing that is so grating and offputting. I mean, how is this a good look for her?

Indeed, while we are revisiting whether my decision from a decade ago was harsh enough, many employers would be well served to take actions at least as severe when confronted with problems now – including the very media outlet that broke this story. They recently opted to suspend and reinstate one of their journalists who exhibited similarly inappropriate behavior, rather than terminate him. A decade from now, that decision may not look as tough as it feels today.

It's always someone else's fault, there's always someone who is worse, we should always remember that Hillary is just a victim of our times. Glenn Thrush drunkenly hitting on a woman in a bar is definitely the same as Hillary Clinton—Yas Kween, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Ceilings—not firing some lech on her staff who preyed upon the women who trusted her. That's a good look, you should run with that. Maybe you can read this post during the next Grammys while all the gibbering idiots in the crowd clap and whistle.

Go away, Hillary. Just. Go. A. Way.