This Guy Loves Donald Trump So Much He Wrote a Guitar Jam About Him

Randall Russell (screenshot)
• May 24, 2016 3:21 pm


Remember "The Donald Trump Jam" from the Pensacola-based Freedom Singers? "Come on, boys / Take 'em down!" It wasn't my fave, but those lines get stuck in my head all the time, especially when I think of [a grim joke about violence at rallies]—never mind.

Well anyway, I think it's fair to say that the girls' little ditty has more than met its match in Randall Russell's new composition "Trump Force One," a chugging rock tune worthy of, uhh, "Juke Box [sic] Hero"-era Foreigner. Trust me: What it lacks in melody or interesting chord progression it more than makes up for in raw ‘Merica.

Here are some sample lyrics:

Let me hear you say, ‘Trump, Trump, Trump'
Let me hear you say, ‘Trump, Trump, Trump'
Force One, yeah
High on a mountain, hear the call
Find our backs against the wall
American Dream been down in a slump
Gonna take it back with a President Trump

Walk through the valley of the shadow of doubt
Many ways in, only one way out
President Trump, gonna make our stand
Makin' America great again

Tell all them globalists
All them socialists
All them jidhadists
Tell 'em Trump's comin;
And America's comin' with him.

Before the song starts, Russell explains that "Trump Force One" is a rewritten version of one of his previous compositions. He also says that he hopes that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee will take an interest in his work. "Wantin' to maybe get this shared across the net, maybe he'll [Trump will] pick it up and use it."

With his triple-humbuckered sunburst Les Paul-style ax, dope shades, and unadulterated ‘tude, Randall Russell is the musical ally Donald Trump needs and deserves.

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