Donald Trump Explains What Everyone Already Knows: The Clintons Can Be Bought

August 7, 2015

Donald Trump had a semi-rough night during Thursday's GOP debate, but he did a decent job explaining something that should be self-evident by now: The Clintons will do anything for money.

Trump, who has donated to Hillary's political campaign and given at least $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, explained why he gives money to politicians: "When I need something from them—two years later, three years later—I call them, [and] they are there for me," he said. "With Hillary Clinton, I said be at my wedding, and she came to my wedding. You know why? She had no choice, because I gave."

In 2005, Hillary Clinton attended Trump's wedding to supermodel Melania Knauss. Bill Clinton came to the reception after.

Hillary's communications director told reporters Thursday that Trump's comments likely "hurt her feelings" because they suggested Trump "didn't want her there for the company."

Doesn't make them any less true.

In related news, donations to the Clinton Foundation are on the rise as the former secretary of State continues her long march to the Democratic nomination.