D.C. Vending Machine Goes Rogue, Sells Malt Liquor

• February 27, 2013 3:06 pm


The Trinidad neighborhood in Northeast Washington, D.C., despite its high crime rate, is seeing a resurgence of pioneering culinary ventures. The latest entry into its food and beverage market is a Pepsi machine charging $3 for malt liquor, DCist reports:

According to a tweet from a meeting of the Trinidad Neighborhood Association meeting last night, an MPD representative informed neighbors of the presence of the rogue vending machine, which has apparently been in place for a few months. Danielle Bays, the association's president, said that police has [sic] disabled the machine—but that no one had taken responsibility for it.

Once the Pepsi machine was discovered, authorities promptly shut it down, sadly suffering the same fate of similar ambitious businesses in the northeastern neighborhood. Another was Sam Wang's Produce Market, which closed its doors after a number of health violations that went unreported for a time due to the influence of D.C. councilman-man Vincent Orange. The market's owner is a donor to Orange.

Why? Every transitional neighborhood needs a convenient outlet where you can purchase fine beverages such as Hurricane, Steel Reserve, Olde English 800, and Colt 45.

The rogue Pepsi machine was but one of many innovative dining options in Trinidad.

A popular burrito restaurant, Chinito’s Burritos, located across the street from Gallaudet University on Florida Avenue, offers an Asian-inspired take on the Mexican staple. Discussions are underway for a new coffeehouse and café to replace SOVA. Americans need more options, not less. That is what freedom is all about.

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