ALERT: The Clintons Are Collectors of Pierce Brosnan Paintings

• June 4, 2019 1:58 pm


Architectural Digest has published an inside look at Bill and Hillary Clinton's "deeply personal" home in Washington, D.C., the second of three mansions purchased by the power couple since leaving the White House in 2001.

The article, which details how the Clintons went about renovating their humble abode with the help of an architect, interior decorator, and landscape gardener, contains some interesting nuggets, such as:

  • The Clintons have their own guestbook for visitors to sign. It "sits atop an ersatz petticoat table" designed by Hillary's mother.
  • Hillary likes to take naps in the "expansive solarium," perhaps on one of the "velvet leopard-print chairs."
  • Hillary's favorite color is "Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow HC-4."
  • Hillary is an "avid swimmer."
  • After some raccoons started raiding the koi pond, the Clintons "figured out a way to scare them with lights and sound."

We also learn that the family dining room features a painting by the actor Pierce Brosnan, star of Dante's Peak, among other films. It hangs in the corner above a Chihuly sculpture, and Hillary loves the artwork for its "French Gaugin-ish feel." The painting is actually one of two Brosnan originals the Clintons own.

It is not known whether the Clintons own any original works by family friend and greatest living ex-president George W. Bush, who discussed his fantastic painting prowess during a recent podcast interview.

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