Brian Williams Must Go, And Chelsea Clinton Should Replace Him

Born to shine. (AP)
• February 6, 2015 4:45 pm


Disgraced NBC News anchor Brian Williams should probably lose his job. Not because he lied—for years—about taking fire in a helicopter flying over Iraq (and who knows what else?) in order to make himself seem like a badass. He should lose his job because there is someone who can do it better. That person is former NBC News special correspondent Chelsea Clinton.

In addition to having famous parents who may one day be able to provide NBC News with unparalleled access to the White House, the Clinton scion has amassed a uniquely impressive journalistic resume. NBC will likely have to shell out significantly more than the $600,000 they were paying Chelsea at her previous gig, but she’s well worth the price.

To start, Chelsea is the only known journalist to interview the reclusive Geico Gecko:

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She’s also the only known journalist to be interviewed by Elmo from Sesame Street:

And who could forget this poignant feature story on fashion designer and Beatles daughter Stella McCartney? Who knew that watching two rich people discuss the "challenges" of having famous parents and achieving financial success against all odds could be so riveting?

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