You Won’t Believe What These Two Old White Guys Had to Say About Hillary’s Humiliating Fail In Iowa

Bernie, bro! (AP)

Democratic voters in Iowa emphatically rejected the "party of the future" label that is often affixed to their party. Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, the only Democratic candidate under the age of 60, received less than one percent of the vote before suspending his campaign (until Hillary Clinton is indicted).

Bernie Sanders surged into a virtual tie with Clinton; each won slightly under 50 percent. The pundits expected Hillary to win because she is inevitable. Over the past year, she managed to blow a 50-point lead. That's really embarrassing, but we're talking about one of the worst political candidates in recorded history. She's going to lose New Hampshire, but all the pundits are convinced that she'll still win the nomination and (somehow) avoid jail time.

Desperate to spin last night's abysmal results, Hillary's loyal cadre of old white dudes sprang into action. They tweet stuff on Twitter. It was kind of adorable, but also very sad.

You do have to chuckle a bit, Eric. It's not your fault.

It's not your fault either, Brad. This tweet showed a lot of effort and compassion. That's impressive.