Why Germany Should Love a World Dominated by America

Which country is more powerful: Russia or Germany? At first glance, the question seems random. Why those two countries? And what is the point of asking? As it turns out, the answer reveals why an American-dominated world order is so important to preserve.

The Democratic Party’s War on ‘Norms’

Most Democrats think Donald Trump’s presidency is a critical threat to American democracy. One oft-cited reason is Trump’s reckless disregard for institutional “norms”—written and unwritten precedents that have long governed the way our democracy operates.

2020 Candidates as March Madness Mascots

March Madness is upon us. Unfortunately, so is the Democratic primary. Both are tournaments of sorts, involving lots of drama and heartache, casts of colorful characters, and tedious commentary. Both involve varying degrees of capitalism and meritocracy. Neither March Madness nor the Democratic primary are very important, in the grand scheme of things, because we …