Tyler Arnold

Losing Locke

Review: Timothy Sandefur, 'The Permission Society'

One of the most fundamental philosophical questions in the past few hundred years is whether our rights exist naturally or whether they are granted to us by the state.

The State Wants to Raise Your Child

Review: Abby W. Schachter, ‘No Child Left Alone’

lonely childThe state’s intervention into everyday life can be worrisome, whether it’s a new tax policy, a new environmental regulation, or more government surveillance. But it’s something people can usually live with. But in her new book, No Child Left Alone, Abby W. Schachter delves into how the federal government has been meddling in the bedrock of human society: the family.

Conservatism’s Most Effective Champion

Review: Heather Hendershot, ‘Open to Debate: How William F. Buckley Put Liberal America on the Firing Line’

William F. Buckley Jr.In Open to Debate: How William F. Buckley Put Liberal America on the Firing Line, Heather Hendershot shows her readers how William F. Buckley championed conservatism through intellectual creativity and confidence in his ideas. By debating the left in an intelligent manner and not being afraid to confront conservatives with whom he disagreed, Buckley was able to propel his brand of conservatism to prominence.

Failing American Indians Again

Review: Naomi Schaefer Riley, 'The New Trail of Tears: How Washington Is Destroying American Indians'

While politicians in Washington and pundits on TV bicker over the word Redskins, American Indians face a bevy of real problems at the hands of federal bureaucracy.

Rich But Divided

Review: Todd G. Buchholz, ‘The Price of Prosperity: Why Rich Nations Fail and How to Renew Them’

Economic instability, terrorism, war, plagues of locusts, rivers turning into blood—these are obvious signs that a country is in jeopardy. Not all causes of societal collapse are obvious, however. Some lurk beneath the surface. Others appear beneficial to the society—until it is too late.

Shut Up, They Explained

Review: Kimberly Strassel, ‘The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech’

Ohio Tea Party IRSWhen conservative speaker Ben Shapiro came to Penn State on April 6 of this year, he was met with protesters from the left who trying to silence him. Standing outside of the crowded room in which Shapiro was speaking, I witnessed a mob of protesters banging on doors, screaming as loudly as they could, and devising a plan to pull the fire alarm in the building to disrupt the speech.

Conservatives on the Quad

Review: Jon Shields and Joshua Dunn, 'Passing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University

As a college student, I’ve seen firsthand the extent of liberal influence on my campus, from students’ obsession with Bernie Sanders, to not-so-subtle activist professors, all the way to the university president posing for a “hands up, don’t shoot” picture with Black Lives Matter protesters.