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Stateless Athletes Will Compete in Rio de Janeiro Olympics

Refugee Olympic Team to compete under the Olympic Rings instead of national flag

Olympic flagFor the first time, a refugee Olympic team of six male and four female stateless athletes will compete in three sports next month in Rio de Janeiro under the Olympic Rings instead of a national flag.

Congress Claims Eric Holder Misled on Decision Not to Prosecute HSBC Bank

Report: Justice Department let bank off easy, considered it ‘too big to jail’

Justice Department officials overruled their prosecutors’ recommendation to pursue criminal charges against HSBC and struck a deal with the bank to settle money laundering allegations, according to a House committee report about the bank’s 2012 settlement.

Virginia Falls $266 Million Short on Budget Estimate

Low-wage and part-time jobs blamed for discrepancy

Terry McAuliffeVirginia fell $266.3 million short on it of its revenue forecast this year, which will force Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe to defer promised raises for state employees and state supported local employees.