Ronald Radosh

Why Democratic Socialists Support Totalitarian Regimes

History: In Venezuela, Echoes of Nicaragua

Nicolas MaduroWhen it comes to understanding the crisis in Venezuela, the new self-proclaimed democratic socialists revert to the old trope of Stalinist era lefties. In the old days of the Cold War, the horror that emerged after the Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe—discussed in great depth in Anne Applebaum's Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe—was "explained" in this manner by the fellow-travelers of the Old Left: The purge trials, arrests of dissidents, their torture and years of imprisonment may have been harsh, but were all necessary to preserve socialism and prevent a "fascist" takeover from occurring.

What They Did in Spain

Review: Histories of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion and Communist intervention in the Spanish Civil War

Recently, David Simon, the television writer, producer, and creator of The Wire and The Deuce, announced that he is developing a six-hour miniseries titled A Dry Run.

What 60 Minutes Got Wrong About Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Feature: What I told 60 Minutes and Anderson Cooper, and what they ignored

Meeropol brothersLast Sunday, CBS's 60 Minutes featured a two-segment piece called "The Brothers Rosenberg, on which the two sons of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, Michael and Robert Meeropol, told the story of how it felt when at the ages of seven and three, their parents were arrested and their everyday normal lives seemed to come to an end. The first segment was indeed a moving portrayal of how being the children of Communist spies affected their young lives. "Being the Rosenberg's children in 1950," Robert Meeropol put it to Anderson Cooper, "was almost like being Osama bin Laden's kids here after 9/11."