Future Ukrainian NATO Membership In Question With Possibility of New President

Presidential frontrunner Volodymyr Zelensky

KIEV, Ukraine—The Ukrainian presidential election will head to a runoff April 21 after Volodymyr Zelensky received 30.3 percent of the Ukrainian vote and current President Petro Poroshenko received 16 percent in the first round of voting, according to exit polling. Observers say Ukraine’s hopes for NATO membership may be in jeopardy with the possibility of a new president.

Ukraine’s sitting president, Poroshenko had been working toward membership in the European Union as well as the NATO alliance. Zelensky had been leading significantly in the polls up until the March 31 vote, but his lead in exit polling was much higher than anticipated.

The Last Warrior Passes

Andrew Marshall

KIEV, Ukraine—On March 26, America lost Andrew W. Marshall, one of its great foreign policy and military strategists, who succumbed to various complications associated with congestive heart failure. He was a man who was more than just a leading intellect in the art of strategic military planning. For all intents and purposes, he invented the concept of assessing the defense capacity of the United States versus its adversaries in a scientific and analytical manner. In so doing, he transformed how the Pentagon goes about addressing the relative strengths and weaknesses of its adversaries.

Russian Air Forces Still Actively Training to Sink U.S. Aircraft Carriers

A Russian Tupolev Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber and Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire strategic bombers fly above the Kremlin

KIEV, Ukraine—A video surfaced on Jan. 27 showing a fatal crash of a Russian Air Force bomber that occurred five days earlier at a military aerodrome in the Murmansk region on Russia’s far northern Kola Peninsula. The aircraft, a Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire that carried the unit designation of “35 Red” and tail number RF-94159, was reportedly on a training mission. All but one of the four-man crew died in the resulting crash with the fourth in the hospital being treated for serious injuries.