Reuben F. Johnson

Experts: DNC Hack Shows Inadequate U.S. Security Against Russian Cyber Attacks

Russia has made cyber warfare a national priority while U.S. lags

Vladimir PutinFT. LAUDERDALE, Florida—Specialists who have studied Russia’s cyber warfare capabilities said the Kremlin is responsible for the hacking and eventual release of 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee, adding that there is no sure way to stop these kinds of attacks from recurring.

Provocations, Defections Multiply as North Korean Party Congress Approaches

First party congress since 1981 could bring significant changes to country

Kim Jong UnKiev, Ukraine—Ballistic missile and short-range rocket launches, test detonations of low-yield nuclear devices, and regular outbursts of violent anti-U.S. rhetoric have become almost regular occurrences in North Korea. Specialists on North Korea who spoke with the Washington Free Beacon said that the impetus for these provocations is the upcoming Seventh Party Congress of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, which will take place in May.

Observers: Russia Prolonging Conflict in Ukraine

Moscow hopes to preserve gains, win relief from sanctions

Donetsk People's RepublicA peaceful resolution to Russia’s intervention in eastern Ukraine is unlikely in the near future as Russia seeks to preserve its gains in the country while securing relief from Western sanctions, according to recent reports.

New Fighter Aircraft to Expand Russian Air Campaign in Syria

Su-35SSingapore—Russia’s air power assets operating in Syria are about to be given a significant boost. The most modern fighter aircraft in service today with the Russian Aerospace Forces will deploy to Kheimim aerodrome near Latakia, Syria. The Russian contingent in Syria announced Feb. 5 that the aircraft, the Su-35S will be place in operation for the first time outside the borders of the Russia.

Escape from Asia’s Holocaust

Review: Hyeonseo Lee’s ‘The Girl With Seven Names’

More than three decades ago, a professor of mine commented about the futility of learning about the horror of the Josef Stalin years in the Soviet Union by reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. “The numbers are mind-numbing,” he said. “It’s like reading a telephone directory [this was back in an era when we all still had those monstrosities with a yellow cover] because you cannot comprehend the numbers of victims—millions of them. If you want to understand the Stalin years, read One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich, because it is a story based on one person and that person’s single day in a Soviet Gulag—this is something that we can all relate to.”

Moscow’s Declining Arms Exports

Analysis: Sanctions having negative impact on Russia’s defense industry, pushing Moscow towards deals with Iran

Kiev—Sanctions imposed on Russia after its invasion and occupation of both the Crimea and eastern Ukraine have had a negative impact on Russia’s defense industry, cutting off the supply of many important manufacturing components and leaving Moscow’s arms makers ready to consider fulfilling contracts for Iran.