Free Beacon Reuben F. Johnson

Reuben F. Johnson writes frequently on defense issues for the Washington Free Beacon and for several leading defense publications worldwide. He has also consulted for the Office of Net Assessment. He is based in Kiev, Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin

Exiles: Putin Could Offer Trump a Deal on Cuba

Putin seeking to take pressure off deteriorating Russian economy

December 6, 2016
Vladimir Putin

Experts: DNC Hack Shows Inadequate U.S. Security Against Russian Cyber Attacks

Russia has made cyber warfare a national priority while U.S. lags

July 27, 2016
Vladimir Putin

Think Tank Outlines Possible Scenarios for Russian Collapse

Report: Russia beset by 'growing economic woes, crumbling infrastructure, and warring elites'

April 26, 2016
Kim Jong Un

Provocations, Defections Multiply as North Korean Party Congress Approaches

First party congress since 1981 could bring significant changes to country

April 13, 2016
Donetsk People's Republic

Observers: Russia Prolonging Conflict in Ukraine

Moscow hopes to preserve gains, win relief from sanctions

February 16, 2016

Escape from Asia’s Holocaust

Review: Hyeonseo Lee’s ‘The Girl With Seven Names’

July 18, 2015

Moscow’s Declining Arms Exports

Analysis: Sanctions having negative impact on Russia’s defense industry, pushing Moscow towards deals with Iran

March 12, 2015

‘The Massive, Poisonous Vacuum’—25 Years After Tiananmen Square

‘The People’s Republic of Amnesia: Tiananmen Revisited’

July 13, 2014