Free Beacon Leif Le Mahieu

Biden Admin: Gender Identity More Valuable to Pandemic Response Than Economic Anxiety

Census replaces income loss inquiry to make room for gender identity in COVID questionnaire

August 13, 2021

Parents Push for Mask-Free School Openings Amid Decline in Reading Scores and Speech Development

USC professors: 'Masking is a psychological stressor for children and disrupts learning'

August 12, 2021

Solar Farms Spark Civil War in Virginia

Local preservationists fight to save Civil War sites from solar energy execs

August 7, 2021

DC Mayor Scrubs Anti-Castro Slogan From Cuban Embassy Entrance

Mayor Bowser left Black Lives Matter slogan on road in front of White House for months

July 20, 2021

Texas Dem Leads Charge Against Biden's Mail-Order Abortion Regs

Lawmakers push for penalties against companies that ship abortion drugs directly to homes

July 15, 2021

Science Journal: Geology Is Racist

Scientists say black people are too scared to hold rock hammers

July 8, 2021

Radical Environmentalists Take On DC Commuters, Biden

'If they don't want to do what we ask, or do what we're demanding, the next step is to rebel'

June 30, 2021