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Chuck Ross is a senior investigative reporter for the Washington Free Beacon. He previously worked as an investigative reporter for the Daily Caller. He graduated from Wichita State University and lives near Kansas City. You can reach Chuck at

Biden Banking Nominee Proud Recipient of Collegiate 'Lenin Award'

Saule Omarova said equal pay was a 'huge achievement' by Soviet dictatorship

September 28, 2021

Taxpayer Dollars Flowed to Media Company Now Under FBI Investigation

Ozy Media took donations from Ford Foundation, Laurene Powell Jobs, Charles Koch Institute

September 28, 2021

Biden Administration Doles Out $250K to Wuhan Lab-Linked Group

EcoHealth Alliance's founder waged a secret campaign to disprove the lab-leak theory

September 24, 2021

Afghan Refugees in US Indicted on Assault Charges

Afghan refugees indicted for child molestation, spousal abuse

September 23, 2021

Chuck Schumer Releases Video That Features Him Alongside BDS Supporter

Assemblyman Zohran Kwame Mamdani has spoken out against US aid to Israel

September 22, 2021

Senate Dems Tapped Soros-Funded Operative To Research Trump-Russia Conspiracy

Daniel Jones investigated claims at the center of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation

September 21, 2021

Indictment: Clinton Crony Lied to FBI To Spread Trump-Russia Smear

Feds charge Michael Sussmann with lying to advance false Russia link

September 17, 2021

McAuliffe Appointed Prominent Anti-Vaxxers To State Boards

Claire and Al Dwoskin scored top appointments after donating $50K to campaign

September 16, 2021
Hunter Biden

Twitter Blocked Hunter Laptop Story After Intelligence Officials Shared Hack 'Rumors'

Twitter exec who testified to FEC called the Trump team 'Nazis'

September 15, 2021
media newspapers

House Dems Propose $1 Billion in Subsidies for Local Newspapers

Lawmakers hope tax credits will revive industry as trust in media plummets

September 14, 2021