Alec M. Dent

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cinema

Essay: Why Hollywood is the best J-School

Growing up I idolized Cary Grant, going so far as to pinch my chin in an attempt to mimic the cleft in his. Every family movie night I would offer a film starring Grant or one of his contemporaries. Who could turn down classics like Roman Holiday, The Philadelphia Story, His Girl Friday, or obscure but still great films like Thirty-Day Princess and Wedding Present? Reflecting back, I can’t help but think my decision to become a journalist must have been influenced on some subconscious level by those films, many of which were about journalism.

To Draw A Line

Sports: Wimbledon, tennis, and the importance of tradition

Roger FedererFrom June 27 to July 10 the world of tennis goes retro. Players don their tennis whites, step out onto freshly cut lawn courts, and turn the clock way, way back to 1877. Back to when Wimbledon, the first major tennis tournament, started.