2020 Election

New Ad from Pro-Trump MOMS PAC Highlights Liberal Mob Violence

Moms for Safe Neighborhoods says Trump is the 'only safe option' for families

A new $3 million ad campaign uses the violent liberal protests in cities across the country from this summer to argue that reelecting President Trump is the "only safe option" for families.

In the ad from Moms for Safe Neighborhoods, a new pro-Trump super PAC, a mother has a nightmare about rioters smashing her car and house windows—a familiar sight in many neighborhoods during this summer's anti-police riots. "They’ll defund the police. They'll disarm them," the ad warns of electing Democrats this November. "Don’t let the nightmare come true." 

The ad from the group, which will go by MOMS, will appear nationally on A&E, Bravo, TLC, and Fox News. 

Jessica Anderson, a former Trump administration aide heading up the new group, told the Washington Free Beacon that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would threaten the safety of American families if elected.

"Biden has been forced to embrace a radical liberal agenda that would mean fewer police to protect our families," she said. "President Trump has repeatedly stood up for safe neighborhoods and safe families, the only way we can keep that progress going is making sure he gets reelected in November."

Riots broke out in many major cities following the death of George Floyd in late May. The Justice Department last week called out New York, Portland, and Seattle city governments for "permitting anarchy" by failing to stop the violent outbreaks.