2020 Election

Staffers Sue Billionaire Dem Tom Steyer

Dem billionaire faces suit under labor law championed by his allies

Tom SteyerFormer staffers of Tom Steyer's failed presidential campaign filed a lawsuit accusing the Democratic billionaire of violating their labor rights, state filings show.

NJ Dem Lobbied Against Sex Offender Registry

Then-lobbyist Malinowski decried harsher sentences for sex offenses against children as 'unfair'

New Jersey Democratic congressman Tom Malinowski fought against the establishment of the national sex offender registry as the top lobbyist for Human Rights Watch, according to a review of congressional records and lobbying disclosures.

Biden Won’t Travel to Accept Dem Nomination

The Democratic nominee travelled just days before, but cites ‘public health’ as reason for his absence

Joe Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept his nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention, CNN reported Wednesday.

Pro-Greenfield ‘Small Biz Owner’ Is Actually A Dem Official

Greenfield trots out longtime Iowa Dem to defend her controversial business record

Senate contender Theresa Greenfield identified a longtime Democratic activist and former elected official as merely a "small business owner" in a new ad defending the Iowa Democrat's controversial business record.