Obamacare Insurer Participation Declines 24 Percent in 2017

In 2016, 287 insurers participated on exchanges compared to 218 insurers participating now

ObamacareThe number of health insurers participating in the Affordable Care Act exchanges has declined by 24 percent from 2016 to 2017, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Moral Hazards

Review: 'The Dinner Party and Other Stories' by Joshua Ferris

Joshua FerrisPassing this collection by would be a mistake. There's something more afoot here than American Spirits and rack of lamb and golden menisci.

UK Police Rush to Three Attacks in Central London, at Least One Dead

UK police say London Bridge, Borough Market incidents are terror-related

A photograph taken on a mobile phone shows British police cars blocking the entrance to London Bridge, in central LondonLONDON (Reuters) - British police rushed to an incident on London Bridge on Saturday after witnesses said a van plowed into pedestrians and another witness told Reuters she saw people with throats cut on London Bridge.

Thoroughly Modern Coolidge

Review: 'Calvin Coolidge in the Black Hills' by Seth Tupper

In the spring of 1927, the modern world was born. Or at least the great interconnectivity of modern social life rose up and declared itself in the spring of 1927, with two key events. The first was Charles Lindbergh winning the race to make a solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic from New York to Paris. The second was President Calvin Coolidge’s decision to spend the summer in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Conservatives Target Musk Tax Subsidies as ‘Low-hanging Fruit’

Green energy CEO bailing on Trump advisory committee

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's decision to quit serving as a business adviser to President Trump because of Trump's exit from the Paris climate accord is spurring additional scrutiny of the billions of dollars in tax subsidies Tesla, SolarCity, and other Musk companies have received over the last decade.