Fun Without Frisson

Review: 'The Seventh Function of Language' by Laurent Binet

There's a French word, frisson, that expresses something for which we don't quite have a single word in English. Thrill, excitement, shiver, tingle: none of the common translations fully deliver the French sense of being captured, fascinated, by the presence of something—as in the medical sense of the word, the involuntary contraction of the skin in goosebumps that causes the hair on our arms to stand on end.

Turkish Personnel Indicted for Attack on D.C. Protesters Remain at Large

Two pro-Erdogan civilians arrested in wake of attack due in court next week

All of the Turkish security personnel charged with crimes stemming from their May 2017 attack on a group of people protesting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Washington, D.C., remain at large despite movement in the legal cases against them.