Lawmakers Question Qatar’s Support for Hamas

Letter demands explanation for increased diplomatic, economic ties

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill petitioned the Qatari ambassador on Friday to explain his government’s “expanding diplomatic and economic ties” with Hamas in a letter that highlights the increasingly strained ties between the United States and Qatar.

Netanyahu: Iran as Determined as Ever to Threaten Israel

New Iran President Rowhani: 'The Zionist regime is a wound'

Iran President Hassan RowhaniIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday Iranian president-elect Hassan Rouhani had shown his true face after he was quoted as saying Israel was a "wound" that must be removed.

China Reveals New Short-Range Missile

DF-12 among more than 5 new short-range missiles

The Chinese military has deployed a new advanced short-range missile known as the DF-12 that was revealed for the first time in photos posted on the Internet this week.

A Golden Age of Low-Budget Cinema

Movies: ‘Only God Forgives’ is one of the many interesting low budget flicks getting wide distribution

The $40 million budget movie is dead. It’s superheroes and $150 million tentpoles as far as the eye can see. Nothing worth seeing is greenlit.

The Court Reporters

Column: The New York Times fails its readers—and the country

I have been studying the transcript of the recent New York Times interview of President Barack Obama. It is a remarkable document—remarkable not for the facts it contains, but for the way it reveals the mentalities of the participants. Remarkable, too, in so far as the transcript allows a curious reader to see, in detail, how journalism is manufactured.

Expert: U.S. Naval Supremacy Is in Trouble

While U.S. makes sequestration cuts, Russia, China, Iran projecting naval power

Former U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy Seth Cropsey told an audience at the Heritage Foundation Thursday afternoon that American sea power and global projection is “in trouble.”