NSA Leaker Surfaces in Hong Kong

NSA leaker goes public and suggests he is defecting to China

An intelligence contractor who disclosed a top-secret National Security Agency electronic surveillance program surfaced in Hong Kong on Sunday and suggested he planned to defect to China.

Sunday Show Roundup: Opening Rounds of NSA Debate

Programs have disrupted terrorists plots, lawmakers say

Lawmakers began the public debate Sunday on the NSA surveillance programs, staking out positions on whether the data monitoring programs are an overreach of power or a necessary protection, or somewhere in between.

Pimping Ain’t Easy

Feature: Confessions of a 'Street Sense' newspaperman

Pfc. Ivory Wilson III was 17-years-old, a model soldier, and a virgin when he left the gates of Fort Riley, Kan., one night in 1974. When he stumbled back to base in the pre-dawn hours, he was drunk, high on cocaine and weed, $600 richer, and bereft of his chastity.

Democracy Alliance Company Turns On Obama

A wireless provider with ties to the secret dark money group the Democracy Alliance is pushing back against the Obama administration’s surveillance of customers. CREDO Mobile co-founder Michael Kieschnick said on Thursday he was ‘deeply disturbed’ by the administration’s overreach of individual’s civil liberties.