‘Tit for Tat’

Obama Admin official describes Bulgarian attack as ‘tit for tat’ reprisal

In the aftermath of the bombing of a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, the Obama administration included an Iranian-American anti-Israel group in a White House meeting and characterized the terror attack as a "tit-for-tat" reprisal by Iran.

A Stone and a Hard Place

Obscure Democratic adviser urges Dems toward fiscal cliff

The Democratic Party’s plan to allow nearly $600 billion of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts to take effect in January unless Republicans agree to raise taxes on upper-income Americans is backed by a single report from a long-time Democrat with no private sector experience.


Review: Stunning conclusion to epic Batman trilogy critiques Occupy

Bane knows who the Batman is, knows how to break him, and wants to see the Caped Crusader and his beloved city suffer.

Den of Cronies

DOE official responsible for loan program held party for Al Gore during vet

The former head of the Department of Energy’s controversial loan guarantee program held a high-power soiree for Al Gore while interviewing for the position, and invited two of the DOE officials interviewing him to attend, according to recently disclosed emails.