Pentagon Gears Up for Robot Warfare

Before leaving office, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel got a look at high-tech projects being developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Brad Tousley demonstrated a robot that would assist wounded warriors

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work on Wednesday outlined the Pentagon’s plans for an advanced war-fighting strategy involving robot weapons and remote-controlled warfare.

60 Minutes Takes on Women in Combat

Female Marine recruits spar in Parris Island, SC / AP

This past Sunday 60 Minutes aired a piece on the integration of women in U.S. combat units, and specifically into the Marine Corps infantry. They got tremendous access to the Marine Corps’ secretive Infantry Officer Course, or ‘IOC’ (to my knowledge, what can be seen in this segment is the most detail about IOC ever to be revealed to journalists, let alone to a television camera crew), spoke to the course director on the record, profiled a tough young female lieutenant trying to make it through the training, and visited the enlisted infantry course in Camp Lejeune, which has also been opened to women on a trial basis.

It was a thorough and interesting story.