Every Self-Respecting Human Being Should Hope Sean Eldridge Is Humiliated in November

Sean Eldridge mingles with a commoner. (Facebook)

If Sean Eldridge didn’t exist, conservatives would have to invent him. He is a self-parody of everything self-respecting human beings find obnoxious about politicians. He is fabulously wealthy, thanks to his decision to marry Mark Zuckerberg’s college roommate, Chris Hughes. The couple owns a pair of $2,500 nautical binoculars, which they presumably use to gaze down on commoners from their trendy loft in SoHo. Eldridge (i.e., Hughes) is the largest donor to his own campaign.

Sean Eldridge is a carbetbagging feudal lord who has spent the last several years chain-buying mansions in New York’s Hudson River Valley in an effort to find a Congressional district that might elect him, and establishing a modern day fiefdom as a means to buy loyalty and votes with his husband’s money. He is more entitled and self-important than Sandra Fluke, who at least had the humility to initiate her political ambitions at the state level. He won’t even commit to stay in his current district (NY-19) if he loses.

Carpetbaggers Gonna Carpetbag

Sean Eldridge mingles with a commoner. (Facebook)

Sean Eldridge, who became fabulously wealthy by marrying Mark Zuckerberg’s roommate, really wants to be a member of Congress. Eldridge’s husband, Chris Hughes, has purchased multiple mansions in multiple congressional districts in New York in an effort to make this happen. In his current district (NY-19), Eldridge has sought to establish a modern-day feudal system in order to secure the support of the local commoners.

But if Eldridge fails to win his race against incumbent Chris Gibson (R., N.Y.), a life-long resident of the district, he probably won’t stick around. He was asked at a recent campaign event in Hillsdale, N.Y., whether he planned to stay in the 18th district even if he lost, but failed to give a direct answer. Instead, Eldridge said he was “very much committed to the Hudson Valley,” a region that includes the town of Garrison in the neighboring 18th congressional district, where the wealthy couple owns another mansion, and where Hughes currently lists his address on campaign finance reports.

Man of the People Sean Eldridge Owns $2,500 Binoculars

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Sean Eldridge likes to think of himself as a man of the people, fighting the “special interests,” and looking out for the little guy. In reality, he’s a carpetbagger trying to buy his way to a Congressional seat by establishing a modern-day fiefdom in “his” district (NY-19).

Oh yeah, and he’s married to Chris Hughes, the poke button pioneer who made millions for being Mark Zuckerberg’s roommate at Harvard. The couple owns several mansions, and apparently likes to fill them with absurdly expensive accessories, such as these $2,500 “naval binoculars,” via Restoration Hardware. The pricey ’nocs are “masterfully handcrafted for generations of use,” and are probably perfect for gazing down at commoners from the couple’s massive $5 million SoHo loft.

‘He Can Shove His Crappy Bagels up His Ass with the Cream Cheese’

Facebook spouse/aspiring feudal lord Sean Eldridge.

Via Down With Tyranny, here’s an amusing anecdote about the campaign of Sean Eldridge, the husband of Facebook poke button pioneer Chris Hughes and New York congressional candidate:

Things aren’t unfolding that well for [Eldridge]. DCCC Chairman Steve Israel, eager to keep Hughes’ money flowing, has played him for a fool, not even giving him a coveted Red-to-Blue slot until Sean went bonkers on him. “Israel doesn’t help at all,” one heartbroken staffer told me. “All he does for this campaign is ship us bagels and cream cheese every week. We’d all rather have local donuts. He can shove his crappy bagels up his ass with the cream cheese.”

OMBUDSMAN: Don’t End the War on Ferrets, ESCALATE IT



Let me start by saying this: I missed you too.* It’s been an invigorating couple of months since I last penned words on this page. Damascus. Donetsk. Monte Carlo. I’ve seen some things, folks. I’m ready to relax.

But I can’t.

Relaxed is the last thing I felt when I heard Ew Yuck City mayor Bill de Blasio wants to LIFT THE FERRET BAN. And wouldn’t you know? The Free Beacon’s coverage has been criminally negligent. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed the probing articles about the D.C. music scene. I just can’t abide an allegedly pro-freedom blog sit idly by as a Marxist madman runs this country into the ground.

Sean Eldridge, Man of the People, Hobnobs with Goldman Sachs Lobbyist

Sean Eldridge mingles with a commoner. (Facebook)

Sean Eldridge, who married the guy (Chris Hughes) who made hundreds of millions after pioneering the Facebook “poke” feature, is running for Congress as a man of the people, having vowed to fight against “the power of money and special interests in politics.”

You know, despite the fact that Eldridge (i.e., Hughes) has contributed almost $1 million to his own campaign, and has raised money from Silicon Valley billionaires. Oh, and the fact that Eldridge is operating a 21st century fiefdom in an effort to buy political support from local business owners.

Earlier this week, Eldridge was in Washington, D.C., raising money with at an event co-hosted by Steven Elmendorf, a rich liberal lobbyist whose clients include Facebook, Time Warner, General Electric, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs. You know, a real man of the people. Elmendorf has already donated the maximum permissible amount ($5,200) to Eldridge’s campaign.

Democrats Call Iraq War Veteran a ‘Coward’

Maj. Lee Zeldin, coward? (photo via Facebook)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has an unusual way of showing respect for our veterans. Check out their latest attack on Lee Zeldin, an Iraq War veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne Division, and who is running for Congress in New York: