Lobbying for Action

OFA registers as lobbyist in NY despite anti-lobbyist positions
Jim Messina

Organizing for Action, which has pledged not to take money from lobbyists and says on their website that they will not engage in lobbying, has registered as a lobbying group in New York state, according to public records.

Lobbying for Fun and Nonprofit

Pro-Obama group may run up against Empire State lobbying law, experts say

Organizing for Action’s efforts on behalf of legislation in New York state may fall under that state’s definition of lobbying, requiring registering with the state and the disclosure of activities, according to campaign finance experts.

Styrofoam Is Next Target for Nanny Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg / AP

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will deliver his State of the City address today at Brooklyn’s new Barclay Center. The mayor is looking to solidify his reputation as “Nanny Bloomberg” with a slew of proposed regulations in his final address, including a ban on Styrofoam.

Three Months Later

Hurricane Sandy’s destruction still apparent in ravaged communities
Hurricane Sandy clean-up / AP

The destruction from one of the worst storms to hit the East Coast is still evident in many towns and cleanup continues three months after the storm made landfall.