Pizza Boy Becomes Pizza Man

Pizza Man / Post Independent

Two days after working for Uncle Pizza, 19 year old Anson Lemmer saved a life in Glenwood, Colorado by performing CPR, the Post Independent reported.

A Free Beacon Comic Strip: Media Matters!


Media Matters! is a comic strip that documents the wacky adventures of truth warriors David Brock and Eric Boehlert. The so-called mainstream media has it in for Hillary Clinton, but Brock and Boehlert will stop at nothing to expose their lies. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. In the trenches of the war for justice, friendships are put to the test, but at the end of the day, these heroes never fail to prove themselves worthy servants of The Cause. (Note: The dialogue for these comics is comprised (almost exclusively) of verbatim quotes lifted from Boehlert’s Twitter feed.)

Hillary and Osama

Hillary al-Clinton.

I’ve long suspected that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 agenda would be inspired by terrorists. These two headlines speak for themselves, folks.