Report: Pentagon Paid $150 Per Gallon for Green Jet Fuel

GAO report notes exorbitant prices act as de facto subsidy for biofuel firms

The Department of Defense paid $150 per gallon for alternative jet fuel made from algae, more than 64 times the current market price for standard carbon-based fuels, according to a report released on Wednesday.

The Obama Bird Genocide Is Out of Control

An adorable baby bald eagle whose parents were executed by solar panels. (AP)

The Obama administration has opened up a new front in its war on America’s eagles. For years, the president has relied on wind turbines to orchestrate his eco-genocide. Biologists estimate that wind farms kill as many as 328,000 birds each year by chopping them out of the sky. The administration’s successful weaponization of solar farms will only accelerate the death rate.

Studies indicate that the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in California has proved to be an especially efficient apparatus for eagle extermination. The facility, which was financed in part by a $1.6 billion taxpayer-backed loan from the Department of Energy, has been incinerating innocent birds with heat lasers created by its massive array of 350,000 garage door-sized mirrors.

National Journal reports:

EXPLAINED: Why VOX DOT COM Is a Smart Investment for General Electric


Juicebox media venture VOX DOT COM came about after the Washington Post declined Ezra Klein’s request for an “eight-figure” investment.

Enter General Electric, the proud corporate sponsor of VOX DOT COM.

The sponsorship is part of GE’s #pressing campaign to promote “unique views on policy, from the best in the news,” and readers are reminded of this every time they watch an explanatory video on the website. The #pressing campaign has its own website, the launch of which appears to have coincided with the launch of VOX DOT COM. It features content from VOX, Slate, Politico, CNNFox News, and NBC News (which is was owned by General Electric).

Begich Earmarked Millions for Bankrupt Green Energy Company

Alaska Dem got $4,400 from geothermal company’s lobbyist after earmark, stimulus award
Sen. Mark Begich (D.-Alaska) / AP

As Sen. Mark Begich (D., Alaska) seeks to shore up his energy policy credentials, a now-bankrupt green energy company to which he steered federal subsidies could cloud his message.

A Tale of Two Cities

Texas oil town has lowest unemployment rate in the nation; site of world’s largest solar plant has highest
Midland, Texas / AP

The U.S. metro area with the lowest unemployment rate is a shale oil boomtown. The one with the highest unemployment rate houses the world’s largest solar plant.

Report: Coal Power Plant Shutdowns to Accelerate

Industry, workers blame Obama EPA for layoffs as companies retire larger coal-fired plants

Federal energy regulators are predicting more coal power plant retirements than have yet been announced due to onerous environmental regulations and low natural gas prices.