Sierra Club Pressed EPA to Create Impossible Coal Standards

Environmentalist suggested EPA head was lying when she told reporters coal would remain viable under new standards
coal plant Chicago

Emails between the Sierra Club and the EPA produced through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit show the green group and senior officials at the nation’s top environmental enforcer met and corresponded frequently about the agency’s work on new coal regulations.

Keystone to the Kingdom

Column: How a left-wing billionaire bought the Oval Office
John Podesta, Tom Steyer / AP

The White House’s newest staffer is John Podesta, the 64-year-old founder of the Center for American Progress (CAP), the head of President Obama’s 2008 transition team, a former chief of staff to President Clinton, and a former lobbyist and cofounder, with his brother Tony, of the Podesta Group. You know: an outsider.

Steyer Panelist Wants Massive Tax Hikes, Smaller TVs

Experts: Panelist at NextGen event betrays environmental radicalism
Tom Steyer, Danny Harvey / AP,

The political activist group run by billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer featured a Canadian speaker at a Monday event who has called for significant tax hikes and for people to give up their televisions to combat global warming.

The Greens Are Coming!

Review: “The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism” by James Delingpole

At first sight, the A-Z dictionary format of James Delingpole’s latest effort, The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism, seems surprising. But there is a sound reason for its structure. In his prior book, Watermelons, Delingpole cited George Orwell: “Who controls the language controls the culture. Who controls the culture wins the political argument. … [Orwell] explained that one of the most effective ways of suppressing heretical thought was to eliminate undesirable words or strip them of their meaning.”

Eco-fascists have a talent for that sort of thing.

EPA Appoints Green Group Scientist as Integrity Official

Agency criticized for not releasing scientific data justifying controversial regulations
EPA logo

The Environmental Protection Agency has tapped Francesca Grifo, a top staffer at the Union of Concerned Scientists, as its next scientific integrity official, the agency announced Monday.

EPA Reduces Ethanol Requirement

First time since 2005 requirement has been cut
Corn harvest / AP

The Environmental Protection Agency slashed the amount of ethanol that oil refiners must blend into the country’s gasoline supply for the first time Friday after months of intense lobbying by the biofuel and oil industries.