Highlights from Obama’s Major Foreign Policy Interview with Bloomberg

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In case you missed it, President Obama offered some candid insight into his “thoughtful” and “restrained” (his words) approach to foreign policy during an hour-long interview with Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg.

There’s also a lot of tedious exposition, so for those who’d rather not read the whole transcript, we’ve provided a few highlights here:

Five Takeaways from Elizabeth Warren’s Major Foreign Policy Speech at Georgetown University


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) delivered a major foreign policy speech at Georgetown University on Wednesday, increasing speculation that she is considering a presidential run.

Here are five takeaways:

1. All three of her brothers served in the military.

“My oldest brother flew 288 combat missions in Vietnam,” she said. “I am proud of their commitment and proud to have grown up in a family that honors military service.”

From Benghazi to Boston

Column: The government evades the truth about terror
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Fitting that the House held hearings within 24 hours on both the Benghazi attack and the Boston marathon bombing. The two seemingly disparate events, separated by time and distance and sophistication, share much in common. By the close of each sorry episode, four people had died. The villains in each case considered themselves soldiers of Allah fighting a holy war against America. In both instances the political correctness of government officials prevented discovery of the truth. Benghazi and Boston are symptoms of the same disorder. They are twin studies in evasion.

‘Hope Is Not a Strategy’

Romney offers sharp contrast to Obama’s foreign policy
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Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney offered a sharp rebuke of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy efforts over the past four years, accusing the Democrat of failing to lead and costing America its credibility across the Middle East.

Obama’s Nuclear Test

‘Gird your loins’

Vice President Joe Biden’s 2008 warning that Obama would be tested by an international crisis may be coming true, according to the Wall Street Journal.

WFB’s Foreign Policy Expert Bill Gertz on Fox News

Bill Gertz, senior editor of the Washington Free Beacon, appeared on Fox News “Happening Now” on Tuesday to discuss the political situation in Iran, as well as the launch of our new enterprise, which he fittingly described as “the Seal Team Six of Washington journalism.” ANCHOR: Bill Gertz knows defense and those kind of issues …