Judge Sides with Louisiana in Voucher Case

Jindal: ‘Win for children and their parents’
Attorney General Eric Holder / AP

A federal court has rejected attempts by the Justice Department to scrap Louisiana’s school choice program, ending a months-long battle between the state and the Obama administration.

Holder Claims DOJ Never Sought to End Louisiana Voucher Program

Lawsuit: ‘The U.S. asks this Court to permanently enjoin the State of Louisiana from awarding any school vouchers’
Attorney General Eric Holder / AP

Attorney General Eric Holder testified on Friday that the Justice Department (DOJ) never intended to stop the Louisiana school voucher program, despite his agency’s lawsuit that requested a permanent injunction against school choice scholarships.

DOJ Continues Pursuit of Federal Oversight Over Louisiana Voucher Program

Jindal: Obama administration ‘more interested in skin color than in education’
Louisana Gov. Bobby Jindal  (R.) / AP

The Justice Department (DOJ) and Louisiana filed separate proposals for information sharing on the state’s school voucher program Tuesday evening, as the Obama administration continues to seek federal approval of each scholarship awarded to a child fleeing a failing school.

Judge Allows Federal Oversight of Louisiana Voucher Program

Court rules in favor of Justice Department

A federal judge ruled against Louisiana in a case against the state’s scholarship program on Friday, requiring federal oversight for the program that allows children to escape failing schools.

The ruling may lead to a lengthy review process preferred by the Justice Department (DOJ), which Gov. Bobby Jindal (R.) says could regulate the program to death.

DOJ Changes Strategy in Fight Against Louisiana School Voucher Program

Jindal: New tactic could kill program through ‘red tape’
Gov. Bobby Jindal / AP

The Justice Department has changed its strategy against the Louisiana Scholarship program, abandoning its request for a permanent injunction in favor of a “process of review,” a move Gov. Bobby Jindal (R.) warns could regulate the program out of existence.

Jindal to DOJ: Drop Lawsuit Against School Voucher Program

Demands government stop trapping students in failing schools
Gov. Bobby Jindal / AP

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R.) said the Justice Department (DOJ) ‘must stand down’ from its lawsuit that attempts to block his state’s school voucher program, which allows students to flee failing schools.