Read About the Ridiculously Lax Atmosphere at Army Boot Camp

Army basic training. / AP

Those who served in the Marine Corps enjoy picking on the Army because of its reputation as the softer of the two ground-combat services.

But this is getting ridiculous.

From Stars and Stripes this Sunday:

The platoon of 70 greenhorn soldiers rested on the barracks tile floor during a recent evening of Army basic combat training, while their drill sergeant, Megan Slone, gave a final lesson for the day about how to sight a rifle. Half of the soldiers had never shot a gun before, which was fine with Slone. That meant fewer bad habits to fix before qualification time.

“If you are scared to fire a weapon, that’s OK,” said Slone, 27, assuring the kick isn’t bad and ample practice time at the range. “You are going to shoot three rounds, five rounds, and then you are going to be OK. I promise. You will be fine.”

Later she said physical training exercise the following morning would be held inside because of cold weather.

US Army to Spend $600K on World War I Art

Woolf's painting of a scene during WWI. / Defense News

The U.S. Army has found a steal of a deal–or at least what said is a deal–on a group of World War I paintings. They have already been approved to spend $600,000 on the paintings, which will be a part of its large collection of art.