Wolf Blitzer Lectures Sen. Ted Cruz on His New Job


In an interview on CNN Thursday evening, Wolf Blitzer lectured the newly elected Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) on how he should perform his new job and criticized him for being "overly idealistic."

WOLF BLITZER:  You're in minority in the United States Senate. You've got to deal with reality. You can't just be — you can't just be overly idealistic.

SEN. TED CRUZ: But let me say two things: number one, the same voters that re-elected the President re-elected a Republican majority in the house.

WOLF BLITZER: But not in the Senate and not in the White House. You've got a divided government. You've got to make concessions, you've got to compromise. If you're just going to come into Washington and say, do it my way or the highway, you're not going to get anywhere.