White House: Wouldn’t Be A Surprise if Iran Launched More Missiles in Coming Days


White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday that the Obama administration would not be surprised if Iran launches more missiles.

"We know that Iran is in a season of carrying out of military activities," Earnest said. "So it certainly would not be a surprise if there are additional launches over the next several days that are similar to the launches that have happened a couple times this week."

Earnest was asked whether the White House would bring the missile launch up at the UN Security Council, and what would be an appropriate response. Earnest said that the White House was going to look into the missile launches. He called Iran's desire to develop a ballistic missile program outside of the international standards a long-standing concern.

Earnest touted the controversial nuclear deal as the silver lining that would prevent Iran from nuclearizing its missiles. He called the ability to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon an important feature for the national security for the United States as well as our allies and partners in the region.

The AP reported that Iran tested two ballistic missiles with the phrase "Israel must be wiped out" in Hebrew. Wednesday's test is the latest test in recent days that comes during Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Israel.

"A nuclear-armed Iran is an absolutely unacceptable threat to Israel, to the region and the United States. And I want to reiterate which I know people still doubt here. if in fact they break the deal, we will act," Biden said.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said that Iran's latest missile test shows that the state is "rubbing it in" America's face that because of the nuclear deal that they can "do whatever they want."

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