Usher Allowed to Skip Voting Lines


Singer Usher was allowed to skip Georgia voting lines on Tuesday, WSBTV reports:

ANCHOR: One voter thinks singer Usher Raymond received special treatment when he voted Tuesday. Usher tweeted pictures after he voted in Roswell. An elections worker allowed him to come in the back door. One witness told us they should have made him wait in line as well.

WITNESS: ALAN CHRISTIAN: If it's a media stunt, I don't agree with that. If that's the case, stand in line with everybody else. Right now, with the voting process in America, we're all equal.

ANCHOR: The Fulton County Elections Office said they allowed Usher to skip the line so that his presence would not disrupt the voting process.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Usher made arrangements to vote early:

Hausmann said she can think of only a few people who might deserve such treatment: people with disabilities, the elderly and voters toting small children. "I’m not sure about celebrities," she said.

Channel 2 reported that Usher went straight to a voting machine, where he took cell phone pictures of himself casting his ballot. He then posted the photos on his Twitter account.

By law, taking photos while voting is allowed only with the poll manager’s permission. That was granted, a county representative told Channel 2.

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