Tina Brown: Obama Makes Women Feel ‘Unsafe’


President Obama’s polling numbers are down across all demographics, but especially among American women. Journalist Tina Brown said Obama's declining numbers are due to his ego and making female voters feel "unsafe."

"I think [women are] feeling unsafe," Brown said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday. "They feel unsafe economically. They're feeling unsafe with regard to ISIS. What they feel unsafe about is the government response to different crises."

Brown said Obama’s smugness and willingness to place blame has also contributed to his declining support.

"I think they're beginning to feel a bit that Obama's like that guy in the corner office, you know, who's too cool for school, calls a meeting, says this has to change, doesn't put anything in place to make sure it does change, then it goes wrong and he's blaming everybody," she said.

Co-hosts said that many Democratic Senate candidates, including Kentucky candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, will not even admit they voted for Obama.