Secretary of Housing Strongly Hints at Climate Change

'Lebron says that was a good pivot.'


DEEPAK CHOPRA: Are you thinking long-term, is it time to acknowledge that climate change is real and is it too late to do anything about it?

SHAUN DONOVAN: Look, as the president said, it seems like we're having the 100-year storm every couple years.


DONOVAN: That means we've got to think differently. That's exactly why building smarter, again, every dollar we invest in mitigation, $4 saved in the long-term. That's the evidence now, so these are smart investments, that's why Congress needs to act quickly and the other thing I would just say is we have family members, we have small businesses who are making a decision right now about whether they can rebuild and unless Congress makes a decision quickly, they're going to be sitting on their hands, waiting to know what their futures are going to look like, unless we can make a decision quickly about the resources that the president asked for.

ROLAND MARTIN: That was smooth. I'm just focusing on the housing, not climate control.

SOLEDAD O'BRIEN: Secretary Donovan dodging the question on climate control but turning back to housing his area of expertise.

DONOVAN: I thought I did say 100-year storm every couple years, something is changing, right? Let's acknowledge something is changing.

MARTIN: Lebron says that was a good pivot.

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