MSNBC Mocks Hillary’s $275K Speaking Fee at University At Buffalo

Chuck Todd: 'Ex-presidents make money like this, not candidates'


An MSNBC Morning Joe panel mocked Hillary Clinton over the Washington Post's report that the University at Buffalo paid her $275,000 to speak on their campus last year.

"At the first whiff of this story, it's kind of shocking, $275,000 for an hour speech," said host Mika Brzezinski.

Joe Scarborough and GOP campaign strategist Steve Schmidt both said they were surprised by her "tone deafness."

"Ex-presidents make money like this, not candidates before they run," Chuck Todd observed. "I don't think theres anybody around her that thinks about the presidency, because if they were, they wouldn't be making these mistakes."

"I think she is substantially weakened from where she was just
a couple of months ago," Schmidt said. "I mean, she has gone from the most ecumenically admired figure in American politics and enjoyed huge support among Republicans, to 30 points in a couple of months, just by being present talking about politics. It is a remarkable fall."

Although Clinton says she donates her speaking fees to the Clinton Foundation, Scarborough noted that voters will still "realize she got paid more in an hour than some voters get paid in four years."

"They are worth $100 million. Like, $275,000, that's a ton of cash, unless you were worth $100 million. So why do it?" Scarborough wondered.

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