Hillary Clinton Says Bill’s Past is Fair Game for Republicans During Campaign


Hillary Clinton got a bit flustered by CBS questions on Sunday about her husband Bill Clinton's past sexual transgressions and their reemergence on the campaign trail.

Clinton said they were fair game, remarking Republicans "can do it again if they want to," but she then went into a muddled answer where she uttered phrases like "what are we going to do to keep rights" and "people are focused on not for the past but for the future."

"Secretary Clinton, what do you say, though, to those even in your own party, who say that a discussion of that portion of your husband's career is fair game to talk about in an election?" Face The Nation host John Dickerson asked.

"Well, it's been fair game going back to the Republicans for some years," Clinton said. "They can do it again if they want to. That can be their choice as to how to run in this campaign. Didn't work before. Won't work again."

Then, Clinton became borderline incoherent.

"Because, it is what, people are focused on, not for the past, but for the future," she said. "What are we going to do to get wages rising? What are we going to do to create more good jobs? What are we going to do to keep rights? What are we going to do to make sure that the Supreme Court has people on it who will defend women's rights, who will defend marriage equality, who will defend voter rights?

"So, I can't run anybody else's campaign. They can say whatever they want. More power to them. I think it's a dead end, blind alley for them, but let them go. I'm going to talk about the differences between us, because I think that's what Americans care about."

Juanita Broaddrick, who has long charged that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, was brought up by reporters around Clinton this week, and he dodged numerous questions about whether his past was fair game on the campaign trail.

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