Harrington Breaks Down Cruz’s ‘Big Night,’ Rise as Trump Alternative


The Washington Free Beacon‘s Elizabeth Harrington appeared on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs Saturday night to break down the latest in the GOP primary race, which is increasingly looking like a two-man battle between Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas).

Cruz won in Kansas and Maine on Saturday, while Trump took Kentucky and Louisiana. Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) had another disappointing night after winning just one primary on Super Tuesday, scoring no victories and falling further behind Trump and Cruz in the delegate count.

"I think we're seeing a shift," Harrington said. "I think this is a big night for Ted Cruz, and I also think that's due partially to these are closed primary and caucus states. He tends to do better in closed primaries and in caucuses. Also, one thing to remember. All these states are proportional, so I don't think the delegate count is going to change that much from Ted Cruz's big night, but what it does change is momentum."

Harrington felt Rubio's rough evening would heighten calls for him to drop out and get more forces to coalesce behind Cruz as he appears more and more likely to be the strongest option to defeat Trump for the Republican nomination.

"He's going to get a lot of momentum from these big wins, especially in Kansas, and I think you're going to see more calls for Rubio to step aside, make this a two-man race and make a united, anti-Trump ticket there," she said.

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