Ad: Mark Udall Has a Steyer Infection

American Commitment highlights Mark Udall's connections to leftist billionaire Tom Steyer


The group American Commitment has produced a new ad highlighting Sen. Mark Udall's (D., Colo.) connections to leftist billionaire Tom Steyer and the mega donor's efforts to derail the Keystone Pipeline.

The ad cites Free Beacon writer Lachlan Markay's reporting on Steyer and his ties to a southern Colorado land deal. The deal forced local officials to spend millions fending off Steyer backed ballot initiatives over fears the venture would deplete an aquifer Colorado's San Luis Valley residents depend on.

Activists, including a former NBC News employee, described the ballot initiatives as attempts to "steal" the San Luiz Valley's water and "were basically designed to bankrupt the valley."

Sen. Udall attended a Steyer fundraiser last February and KDVR reports the Colorado Democrat is sure to be a "main beneficiary" of the liberal billionaire.