Anti-Israel J Street Launches Fundraising Blitz for Braley, Udall


The controversial liberal advocacy group J Street has launched a fundraising blitz for two of its "strongest allies on the Hill," Rep. Bruce Braley (D., Iowa) and Sen. Mark Udall (D., Colo.).

"We can't afford to lose these two races," J Street political director Dan Kalik wrote in a recent email to supporters, urging them to donate at least $18 dollars to Udall and Braley.

J Street, which recently came under fire for accusing Israel of "fanning the flames of growing anti-Semitism," said that it is depending on Udall and Braley to serve as vocal advocates for its pressure campaigns against Israel on the Hill.

"If Mark and Bruce don't have the resources they need in these last few weeks, you can expect their opponents' dangerous, neoconservative ideas to gain momentum in the Senate," J Street wrote.

The group, which has been dubbed "radical" and dangerous by its critics, is concerned that Israel’s defenders will defeat Udall and Braley in two of the most closely watched races in the country.

"Mark’s opponent has spoken out strongly against President Obama’s diplomatic effort to halt Iran’s nuclear program," J Street warned its coalition of backers. "Bruce’s opponent has called on Congress to defund the Palestinian Authority."

Braley and Udall, on the other hand, are expected to help J Street further its agenda, which includes pressuring Israel to make dangerous security concessions, including lifting its blockade of the Gaza Strip, which prevents rogue regimes from arming the terror group Hamas.

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