Andrea Mitchell: Sanders Surge Is Hillary Clinton’s ‘Nightmare Scenario’


NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell reported on Nightly News Tuesday that there is a true threat of Hillary Clinton's "nightmare scenario" of losing to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) in early primary states, and the first votes in Iowa are just 13 days away.

A new poll puts Sanders a commanding 27 points up on Clinton in New Hampshire, and Sanders is trying to ride a wave of momentum to victory there and in Iowa after the Sunday night Democratic debate, which Mitchell co-moderated.

"With 13 days to go, it's Hillary Clinton's nightmare scenario," Mitchell said. "The possibility that Bernie Sanders' youth brigade could topple her in Iowa. It is competitive. In Iowa, they have nearly the same number of paid staff. He has spent more on TV ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, and has spent more time in Iowa, 51 days to her 39."

The large amount of small donations Sanders has received from across the country will allow the campaign to keep going, Mitchell reported.

Sanders campaign adviser Tad Devine said their campaign could have more capacity to deliver their message with their fundraising.