AFP: Kim Jong Fun!

French outlet serves up North Korean propaganda

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un / AP


Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un reportedly doled out two pounds of candy to the impoverished and starving children of his isolated nation over the weekend in honor of his birthday.

The French outlet, Agence France Presse (AFP), was the first news organization to report the alleged action, directly citing a release from North Korea’s state-controlled propaganda outlet.

According to the AFP report,

A radio report by the North Korean Central Broadcasting Station, monitored in Seoul on Monday, said Kim had mobilized aircraft to ensure that each child in the country aged 10 or under received the candy gift in time.

Villagers in outlying islands ‘exploded with joy’ at the confectionery airlift, the report said.

Left out of the French news outlet’s report was any mention of the massive starvation and human rights violations Mr. Kim and his predecessors have imposed on millions of their citizens for the other 364 days of the year.