The Bold Leadership of Hillary Clinton


Most people who run for president lay out a clear agenda that reflects their party’s values, and take firm positions on important policy issues. Hillary Clinton does not. She equivocates. In some cases, she refuses to take a position altogether, especially when her actual stance on a given issue is at odds with liberal voters. Here’s where Hillary stands on several key issues:

These Political Headlines Will Make You Want to Withdraw from Society and Go Live in the Wild with Cecil the Lion (If He Hadn’t Already Been Killed by a Dentist)


The 2016 presidential is just 16 months away, so the political coverage is really heating up. Not really. Donald Trump is leading in the polls, and that’s all you really need to know. Also, nothing matters; everything is meaningless. Hillary Clinton is going to win. If you’re not overwhelmed with despair, you’ve haven’t been spending enough time …