Hillary Clinton: A Life in Pictures (Vol. 2)

Celeb selfie. (AP)

Many you enjoyed Volume 1 of our ongoing series “Hillary Clinton: A Life in Pictures,” in which we catalog some of the most colorful moments in a prominent homeowner’s long and extraordinary life in politics. In our latest installment, we explore some of Clinton’s most colorful and controversial associates. Enjoy!

Google Admits to Screening YouTube Stars’ Questions for Obama


Google has admitted it was involved in selecting which questions Youtube stars asked President Obama during a recent series of interviews organized by the company. One of the interviewers, Hank Green of Vlog Brothers, confirmed in his own social media posting that Google had intervened in his question selection.

Asking GOP Candidates About 10-to-1 Tax Deals Is Stupid

Republicans. (AP)

At the Freedom Partners forum in California on Sunday, ABC News reporter Jon Karl dusted off a familiar question for potential GOP presidential contenders Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul: “Would you accept a deal that included…$10 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases?”

It’s a stupid question, and the prospective candidates did a fair enough job explaining why it is without looking ridiculous, which is precisely how the question is designed to make them look. It would be nice if Democrats got asked questions like this more often.

Barack Obama: Missing-In-Action

Barack Obama

In July 2014, President Barack Obama traveled to Austin, Texas, for a fundraiser and to tout his economic proposals. Noticeably absent from his schedule was a visit to the border with Mexico, where a surge of child immigrants from Central America was straining state and federal resources. Republican lawmakers and some Democrats accused Obama of failing to exhibit public concern about the crisis.