Democratic Race Starts in Lavish Homes of Rich Grandmother


With the actual presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton soon beginning after more than a year of staged love-fest “interviews” costing hundreds of dollars a ticket and money-collecting from foreign governments, the Grey Lady has a scathing report on the Democratic race starting in her “lavish” mansions. Kidding!

Which Hillary Clinton Laugh Are You?

Lulz. (AP)

Even in her old age, Hillary Clinton continues to enchant us with her natural charm. Who can deny the disarming allure of Clinton’s laugh? No one. Her cheery chuckle is an otherworldly sonic force that strains our physical capacity to experience beauty via the ear canal. And yet, at the same time, it holds within its coy harmonic grasp the raw essence of humanity. This is why we love her so.

That laugh we’ve all come to adore comes in many forms. Which one are you?