Wolf Blitzer Asks: Why Won’t WH Share Text of Iran Deal?


CNN host Wolf Blitzer and his guest Aaron David Miller of the Woodrow Wilson International Center called upon the Obama administration Thursday to release the text of its nuclear deal with Iran. The White House has thus far refused to reveal the actual text of the nuclear agreement, except to members of Congress, and has only made general outlines of the deal public.

"Why can’t they share with all of us what the Iranians themselves know," Blitzer asked. "If [Iranian President] Rouhani and [Foreign Minister] Zarif know the text, why can’t the American public know the text?"

Miller agreed, saying the White House withholding the text, "is only going to create the perception that in fact there’s something in the deal the administration is hiding."

Blitzer’s comments came after both Rouhani and Zarif recently asserted that Iran will not dismantle any of its nuclear centrifuges, suggesting a disconnect between Iran and the United States on the ultimate goals of the deal.

Blitzer noted, "I’d like to see if the word ‘dismantle’ is in that text."