Palestinians: Israel ‘Turned Marijuana into Heroin’ to Poison Public

Israel ‘vomits drugs onto our land,’ declares Palestinian leadership


The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) security agency claims that Israel is intentionally turning marijuana into heroin in order to poison the Palestinian people, according to recent remarks.

"The challenges facing us … [are] drugs," Adnan Al-Damiri, the official spokesman for the PA Security Forces, said on PA TV, according to the watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). "You don't know how many problems we've had these past two weeks."

"A shocking amount of drugs that the Israeli occupation has spit up and vomited onto our land," he claimed. "A[n] [Israeli] lab was even made in the Tulkarem District. The lab turning marijuana into heroin has been seized [by the PA]."

PMW described the claim as "one of the libels the Palestinian Authority continuously spreads about Israel."

Palestinian officials have repeatedly claimed that Israel is intentionally pumping drugs into the Palestinian population.