NBC Reports on Terror Israelis Face from Hamas Tunnels

Israeli woman: 'I feel sick, like wanting to throw up from anxiety'


NBC Nightly News shed light Thursday on the fear Israelis living near the Gaza border must deal with on a daily basis because of the tunnels constructed by the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

A 72-hour ceasefire in the hostilities was announced Thursday night, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to destroy every one of the tunnels that, as anchor Brian Williams put it, "Hamas uses to terrorize Israel."

Correspondent Martin Fletcher showed viewers what it was like inside one of the "dozens" of tunnels Hamas uses to kill and kidnap Israelis, walking inside one that was six feet high, two feet wide and equipped with electricity and telephones. They caused one Israeli he interviewed to describe being nearly nauseous from her anxiety.

"We can live with the shelling, but not with the threat of tunnels," she said.

Fletcher also reported on Israeli fears of envisioning a Hamas fighter springing out to hurt or kill them if the tunnels weren't destroyed.

"There's always fear of rockets, and now the tunnels. Will Hamas fighters suddenly pop out of the ground?" he asked.

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