Obama’s War on Birds

Individuals Prosecuted Over Protected Species Laws, While Wind Energy Gets Free Pass


Under the Obama administration, average citizens continue be prosecuted for violating protected species laws, while wind energy companies have been given a 30-year pass to kill an unlimited number of endangered birds.

Fox News’s Happening Now reported Thursday on several cases of individuals who have been arrested, fined, or placed on probation on account of protected species laws: a tree trimmer who accidentally upset a heron’s nest, a woman who fed a whale in San Francisco, and a bird watcher from New York City who picked up a dead hawk because he feared other animals would eat its corpse.

Bob Johns of the American Bird Conservancy complained to Fox about the wind energy companies’ "get out of jail free card", saying "What they are doing is ignoring the law. The oil and gas industry, for example, they have to abide by these laws, they're not killing bald and golden eagles, and if they do, they're going to be prosecuted for it."

Wind turbines are known to kill a number of protected species, including bald eagles, and condors.

The American Bird Conservancy announced last month that they will sue the Obama administration over the 30-year permits.

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