Obamacare Hits New York Family With 22 Percent Premium Increase


New Yorkers are feeling the frustration of the harmful effects of Obamacare plaguing Americans across the nation, WHEC-NY reports.

"Any time you hear about your health insurance going up, it's upsetting," said one anchor.

Health insurance companies are increasing their customers’ monthly payments by exorbitant amounts.

Michelle Vergilia received a notice from her insurance provider, MVP, informing her that her family’s insurance premiums would increase by 22 percent. She bought the plan on the exchange website established by Obamacare.

"I was led to believe the price would be one thing for a service that was one thing, and not even six months down the road, it’s changed," Vergilia told the network.

Georganne Chapin, Vice President of MVP Healthcare, weighed in on the latest Obamacare fiasco, explaining "What we hope to see is some kind of reduction in the rate of increase, but healthcare costs continue to go up for MVP, for everybody else…"

Other New Yorkers chimed in with their awful experiences using Obamacare. One woman wrote in and said that half of the increase of her rates was due to the president's federal health care law.

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