James Carville Admits Obamacare Poll Not Good For Dems

Fmr Clinton strategist's initial reaction: ‘My day started out about as good as Donald Sterling's’


Former senior Clinton strategist James Carville admitted the ABC/Washington Post poll showing severe discontent among the electorate with the Obama administration is not good for Democrats going into midterm elections Tuesday on Fox News.

"I saw that poll. My day started out about as good as Donald Sterling's," Carville quipped. "The poll was not good. I'm not one of these people that says ‘oh you know trash the poll' or something like that. The poll was not good on a variety of fronts."

Host Greta Ven Susteren asked him about another stat within the poll that found two thirds of Americans view the country as on the wrong track.

"Look. We are in a six year term, we have a high wrong track number," Carville said before expressing his hope that Obamacare's popularity will recover. "But right now, I will be the first to concede we are in somewhat of a difficult position."